December 2016

3 ways to use Creative Project Canvas

How to use Creative Project Canvas?

Do you remember Max? We introduced him in our first post. Max has already downloaded the Creative Project Canvas and the Work Play Book, he has accomplished the Idea Design Process and now he is ready to use Creative Project Canvas.

So we suggest three ways how to use Creative Project Canvas and not to get lost.

1.Trust your intuition

Do you have a clear and detailed idea of your project? It is easier to start from the section where you have more information and then fill up the block where you feel more confident. Max has the most information about the value of project, so he can start filling the Creative Project Canvas from “Value” section. Then he can continue with “Access for others” and follow other arrows to fill all the blocks.

2.Start from your practice

In this way you can start from your creative practice, think in detail how to develop it and reflect on the impact. Also, Max can start from the “Activities and Work” to define what kind of activities he and others have to do, who will do that and what impact that will have on the project. But he has to be aware that some blocks are mutually connected to each other, in this case it will be easier for him to compare the information in the boxes and check mismatches.

3. Use the four blocks:

  • the core of your project (Value)
  • the practical part of your project (“Belonging to Networks”, “Activities and Work”, “Equipment”, “Material and Time”);
  • the external-perception of your project (“Champions and Critics”, “Getting Feedback”, “Access for others”);
  • the future plans of your project (“Short Term Gain and Losses”, “Long Term Rewards”)

These four blocks will help you to divide information in blocks to understand the general meaning of each box and about what you should think while filling the box.

If you need more information how to use Creative Project Canvas or to see graphic explanations, download Work Play Book in here.

Now it‘s the time to choose which way of using Creative Project Canvas is the best for you and you can start to work with it!

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