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Creative Project Canvas and Work Play Book are the tools of European project Break in the Desk co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The partnership will innovate the current offer for CC industries training on entrepreneurship by making the competences, the skills and the entrepreneurial attitudes a mean for artists/creative to interact with other public and private contexts (PA/SME) to become trainers, promoters, facilitators of innovation and problem solving through creative thinking and intervention.

The project will propose a policy/guideline, developed by the PA, to propose a new policy of innovation, community renewal and social economy through the use of creative intervene to foster economic development, community wellness and structural social/economic innovation.

Arts and creativity can play a crucial role within innovation in business and society once it is clear how artists can contribute in their own way. Training artists/creatives to do so successfully is necessary not only in the art sector, but also in the VET system that would benefit from the development/transfer of practice of non-formal learning/guidance applied by CCI professionals in their interventions with other organizations (PA/SMEs) to support creative innovation in business, in organizational development and in policy concerning VET, CCIs and innovation.


In doing so the project will build on previous initiatives developed by partners:

  • Consorzio Materahub – Industrie Culturali e Creative (Matera – Italy)
  • Cultural Innovation Competence Centre Association (Pecs – Hungary)
  • Consorcio Provincial de Desarollo Economico (Cordoba – Spain)
  • Collage Arts (London – UK)
  • Rinova ltd (London – UK)
  • Aalto University (Espoo – Finland)
  • Link Campus University (Rome – Italy)
  • Camera de Comert, Industrie si Agricultura (Sibiu – Romania)
  • S.A.M.O.A. (Nantes – France)
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